Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sad news, happy begginings

Last night our dear friend, and fellow warrior Emru Townsend passed on. We are all sad for the loss, and we reach out to his sister Tamu (another warrior) and his whole family. If there were more like them, we would have this thing beat by now.

This newest update is the most distasteful; it leads us to think that all we do may be for naught.
We are in a similar boat, now that Khokada has found a match, the rest is really up to him. We are there to support him, but it is ultimately his struggle and his victory.

But even after he succeeds, there are many others out there, and there will be many more. All our work has not been in vain, because one day somewhere, someone will benefit from it. They will win, and we will take our reward as such. So it is not too late for you to join this fight, there is only one side, ours. And we will welcome your help as we redouble our efforts.